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With a Turkish passport, you can travel to about 115 countries without a prior visa and about 7 countries with online visas. It is also easy to obtain a Schengen visa and visit 26 European countries. In addition, the United States grants Turkish citizens a 10-year multiple entry visa

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– On December 19, 2022, some important and major changes were made to the procedures for obtaining citizenship through the real estate investment rules. The most important of which is amending the investment value from the amount of 250,000 USD to 400,000 USD through owning one or more properties. The amendment also stipulates that citizenship will not be granted to two people by sharing one property. Example: Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Abdullah agreed to buy a villa worth $800,000 and register it. Each person has a share worth $400,000. Only one partner will benefit from the Turkish citizenship decision, because one property grants the right to naturalization to one partner. It also stipulates that the property must be purchased from a non-naturalized citizen of Turkish origin (with a Turkish father) or from a Turkish company with local, not foreign, capital. – The right to naturalization is granted to the investor and his family members (wife and children) under the age of 18. You must pledge not to sell the property for 3 years – You can rent and use the property without restrictions. These are the most important headlines about obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey For your inquiries about this topic, it is best to contact one of our real estate consultants. We will review for you the most important projects suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.