How do I start safe and secure real estate investment؟

Here are some safe investment solutions that you can apply to your real estate investments, whether in Turkey or elsewhere.

Let’s explore the types of real estate investment:

Investing by Purchasing Property: Buying a property and waiting for its price to rise in the long term, which may take 3-5 years, and then selling it for a decent profit. Renting out the property during this time is advisable if you’re busy with other business matters and want to secure your investments. It’s recommended to purchase through a specialized real estate marketing and consulting company to avoid potential issues.

Investing in Land: This is one of the most profitable real estate investments if you choose the location wisely. Analyzing the area, predicting government and private investments, and getting the best available price are crucial steps.

Investing by Renovating Property: This method, common in Europe and the West, involves buying a dilapidated property at a low price and renovating it completely. This includes changing doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, renovating interior walls, and adding modern touches to attract buyers.

Investing in Construction and Contracting: Establishing a contracting company with a complete team of engineers, craftsmen, and workers to undertake projects for a certain percentage of the project’s material or share.

Once you’ve understood the types of investments, you need to determine the suitable type for you. Let’s explain the safe investment method for each type:

First Method: Contact a specialized real estate marketing company, and select the property by:

Ensuring it’s under construction in its initial stages.

Choosing the apartment with the best space, layout, and view.

Buying the property in installments, ending upon receiving the apartment to avoid price increases or purchasing it outright for a good discount.

The price will increase by at least 40% upon completion.

Sell the property immediately after the project is finished at a slightly lower price than the construction company to expedite the selling process.

Second Method: Look for lands near the city, not more than 20 km away, adjacent to a town or any active facility. Ensure they have building permits or will be granted construction permits soon. You can obtain this information from relevant government institutions in the area or from the seller. Within a few years, you can sell the property for 3-4 times the original price.

Third Method: Choose a neighborhood in the city center and find a spacious apartment suitable for a family. Negotiate with the seller for the lowest possible price, assemble a team of teachers, carpenters, painters, interior designers, and electricians, and start renovating as previously explained. Execute it as quickly as possible and offer it for sale after adding renovation costs with a profit margin of at least 10%.

Fourth Method: Sometimes, the cost of a single villa you choose for investment equals the cost of building an entire residential building. You can build your investment property yourself by finding a suitable land and offering a partnership to its owner, dividing the construction between you. This way, you’ll have a chance to enter the construction field and increase your capital. Alternatively, you can work as a contractor and execute projects for individuals, earning good profits to aid your independence in your real estate projects.

With this, we conclude our simplified explanation.

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