Investment solutions

We operate investment funds at the level of individual investors

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is not only limited to purchasing ready-made properties or properties under construction.
Investing through real estate development companies in Turkey. We, Odina Real Estate, are distinguished by our possession of modern ideas in real estate development. We are interested in obtaining valuable investment opportunities in real estate by purchasing lands in strategic locations in Istanbul.
Or offer the partnership to landowners to share the building to reach the best guaranteed investment opportunity.
We offer investors opportunities to enter into real estate projects through the mechanism we mentioned, with returns reaching between 60-80% on each construction project.
With a strong cadre of civil engineers and architects, we work on the ground to make the dream a reality.

Industrial investment

Turkey is distinguished by its embrace of several investment fields, the most important of which is the field of industry. We allocate investors to entering into partnerships with large and well-established factories, by purchasing or acquiring shares.
At Odina Capital, we work hard to study existing projects, build relationships with their management, and understand the requirements for increasing production and growth methods.
Let us conclude with this study the methods of financial financing in exchange for selling shares or offering partnerships and granting guarantees to investors through the company’s financial assets, in order to raise the level of production, quality and develop the work mechanism by bringing modern industrial technologies, which increases the company’s growth locally and globally. To generate high profits in the future and increase the value of the company.